Basis - reinforced concrete construction up to 50 cm above elevation 0, cladding of stone or facing bricks. The house may or may not have a basement. Construction of the structure according to American technology according to the project. Ribs on external and load-bearing walls 15/5 cm, ribs on internal walls 10/5 cm, roof ribs 15/5 cm, ceiling ribs 15/5 cm, rib structure between first and second floor 20/5 cm. All wood for the structure is dried and impregnated according to American technology.

External walls lined with a waterproofing membrane for vapor barrier and vinyl siding with edging elements. Internal vapor insulation of walls and ceilings. Heat and sound insulation of walls and ceilings with mineral wool Tel Mineral Wolle WDF5, external walls 15 cm, internal walls 10 cm, ceiling 15 cm. Chimney for a fireplace with a double lining in stainless steel with fire-resistant wool between the two linings.

Roof – Canadian bitumen shingles, aluminum powder coated face boards, aluminum powder coated gutters and downspouts, PVC roof vents. Windows - PVC, 6-chamber glazing, external door - massive PVC, internal doors - MDF. Internal walls - 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard finely plastered along the joints, waterproof for the kitchenette and fireproof for the chimney. Bathrooms, toilets and wet rooms, floor - waterproofing and cement reinforced screed, walls - waterproof aquapanel coated up to 1.5 m with greased waterproofing. Eaves - Perforated American Vinyl Siding. Electrical installation from silicone three-wire cable to a point with consoles, main distribution El. panel with defective current protections. Polypropylene Random Copolymer plumbing with a 50-year warranty and sewerage to the plug. Floor on the first floor - waterproofing, thermal insulation - if there is no basement and cement screed. The houses are designed individually, according to the client's wishes, and the price is formed depending on the specific project.

Тя варира от 800 до 850 EURO/кв.м. върху разгърната застроена площ. Плащането е на вноски и зависи от етапа на строителството.

The price also includes:

  • Designing in all specialties and the certification of projects in HEI, fire department
  • Health and safety plan
  • Geological report
  • Energy efficiency report
  • Fire safety report
  • Approval of the survey and design visa for external plumbing and electrical. power supply
  • Certification of the projects in the respective municipality
  • Withdrawal Building permit
  • Protocol for the opening of the construction site
  • Building Line and Level Protocol

If you build a brick house with the advantages of the American one, it will certainly cost you more.


We give a 10 year WARRANTY on all works and materials for every house built by us.
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